About us

Started in 1993 by Dave Senior and Steve Nash, DSN Classics aims to provide a specialist retail and trade parts service to the Mini & Morris Minor market. In 1997 our website was launched, making DSN Classics one of the first to provide full e-commerce in the industry. On the 1st January 2005, DSN Classics became a Limited company, but the aim to please the customer will never change.

With more than 25 years’ experience of automotive engineering gained at Lotus and Aston Martin, DSN Classics is run by a team who know and love their cars. Following it's many years trading, DSN has developed a large customer base around the world who know they can not only get the part they need, but advice and guidance as well. DSN provides both retail and wholesale services, and carries a range of thousands of new components. Trade discounts are available and both counter and world-wide mail order services are offered.

A major development took place in 2008 with the purchase of a CNC mill. This allowed DSN to design and produce, in house, a new range of billet alloy products for the Mini. This range was called RetroSport and has become hugely popular. So much so, it has allowed DSN to invest in further CNC machinery. The RetroSport range continues to grow as new products are developed.

In November 2015 founding partner Steve stood down and was succeeded by David’s son and S-CAN (founded in 2012) owner James, making it a family owned business. DSN combined with S-CAN, a well established 3D scanning bureau in March 2016. This has added 3D scanning, 3D printing and laser marking to the growing range of services and capabilities the company is able to offer.