b'DRIVER CONTROLS BINNACLE PLATES & GEARKNOBSThere are 2 styles of fascia panel to suit the 3-in-strument oval binnacle. These also replace the standard outer chrome trim, and are held in place by the outer 2 instruments.Oval Binnacle Plate - Ribbed 162gPart Number: ELC3306Grooved, anodised black, then re-machined to highlight the tops of the grooves.Oval Binnacle Plate - No Ribs 100gPart Number: ELC3328With large sweeping machining patterns this fascia plate will really stand out in any interior and is the perfect accompaniment to our RetroS-port switch panels.Column Lowering Bracket - Adjustable height 296gPart Number: SST3202This design replaces the entire original& polished Throttle Pedal Assemblyarrangement. It is designed for cars with steering locks, but can be used on earlier modelsA straightforward bolt-in replacement for the by drilling one hole in the parcel tray. Instructionsstandard pedal, and incorporating PTFE-lined are supplied to show this.bushes for a silky-smooth action. Mushroom GearknobPart Number: PET3191 Right Hand Drive 194g This is our unique mushroom head gear This gives a far more rigid installation than mostknob, designed to fit the palm of your hand.of the cheaper brackets, and removes any ten- Part Number: PET3193 Left Hand Drive 186gdency for the column to shake at speed.The pedal pad is polished. Supplied with sleeve lock nut. This solidly locks the gearknob to the stick unlike many universal When fitting any column lowering bracket, it isitems. The sleeve also covers the remainder of vital that the steering rack u-bolts are slackenedPedal Pads - Brake & Clutch 52g the thread to make it a very neat finish.to allow the rack to rotate while setting the column position. Part Number: BRK3275Part Number: GBX3272 Plain 84gPlease note: This is NOT suitable for cars fittedTo match our throttle pedal. with airbags. These items require the original diamond-shaped& polishedpedal pads to be drilled. Part Number: GBX3273 Engraved 82gSupplied polished. & polishedOrder online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 7 8'