b'HEATER & SWITCH PANELS SWITCH PANELSHeater Fascia Plate 36gPart Number: HOT3054& polishedSwitch PanelsFor cars with the padded dash rail we& polishedLaser engraved heater fascia plate in aoffer a range of attractive switch panels. complementary style to our switch panels, for useThere are 2 basic types - which type is correct for with the single speed heaters with the horizontalyour car depends on the choke cable fitted.slider. Please note, in about 1993 cars were fittedEarly cars (up to about 1987) had a twist-to-lock with a similar heater but the control assemblycable that passed through a round hole in theEnd Hole Typeswas a 1-piece plastic moulding, without the loosepanel and was secured behind with a nut. Later steel fascia plate. Our plate will not work withcars had a cable that was held in place with a clip these heaters, or any twin speed versions. behind the panel and the panel had a D-shaped hole. Switch Panel Early TypeThe panel fixes to the heater using an adhesiveA RetroSport switch panel, with pad on the rear of the panel (requires removal ofAs standard we offer panels for 4 or 5 rockertwo round holes for early heater the standard steel plate). switches, or a blank panel. If you want a customand choke cables.selection of switches you can either cut your ownPart Numbers when orderin 56-80gholes in the blank panel, or we can do it for you if you order the special version. Switch Panel Late Type Part Number: ELC3314 Switch panelblank - earlyThis includes one round holePart Number: ELC3315 Switch panelblanklateThere is also a version for the MK3, with the cen- and one D-shaped hole for laterPart Number: ELC3316 Switch panel4 rockers - earlytral hole for the washer pump and 2 rocker holesheater and choke cables. Part Number: ELC3317 Switch panel4 rockers - late(rear) for the larger rocker switches. Part Number: ELC3318 Switch panel5 rockers - lateHeater Control Knob 18g For cars that dont have the padded rail we offerPart Number: ELC3321 Switch panelMk3a panel similar to that fitted to the later vans andLCV Switch Panel Part Number: ELC3312 Switch panelspecial - earlyPart Number: HOT3056 pickups. This bolts directly to the metal rail. Designed for Pickup and VanPart Number: ELC3313 Switch panelspecial - late& polished models that do not use thePart Number: ELC3324 LCV Switch panelblankAs standard this is available with 3,4 or 5 rockerpadded dash rail, with roundPart Number: ELC3325 LCV Switch panel3 rockersswitch holes or a blank panel. As with the otherheater and choke holes.Part Number: ELC3326 LCV Switch panel4 rockersstyle, custom versions are available. Part Number: ELC3327 LCV Switch panel5 rockersHeater control knob, attaches using two grubPart Number: ELC3323 LCV switch panel - specialscrews which tighten down onto the control arm.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 9 10'