b'ROCKER COVER ROCKER COVERRocker Cover Bolts & polishedSold as a pair. Supplied complete with new seals.Rocker Cover 1245gPart Number: ENG3318Our stunning design with the Wow factor, complete with hidden fixings and hinged flip top. Part Number: ENG7180 Short - For standard28gMachined from solid blocks of aluminium. For thestyle covers.black version, the exterior grooves are machined,Part Number: ENG7181 Long - For metro32gthen anodised black and machined again to high- sloped top alloy covers.light the tops of the grooves.The top has a built in breather feature.Both faces are O-ring sealed, so no cork gaskets. O-rings supplied with cover. Spare seals are avail-able, part numberENG3319H Oil Filler CapIf ordering for use with an 11 stud head pleaseRocker Cover Thumb Screws This is a direct replacement for the standard contact us first. plastic cap, and incorporates a proper mesh& polishedSold as a pair.breather. The cap fits the pressed steel and most Please note - whilst we understand that our cover& polished alloy rocker covers, and the unique seal design will clear some roller rocker assemblies, we haveSupplied complete with new seals. allows easy alignment of the logo.now learnt that it will NOT fit when using MED versions. Part Number: ENG7182 Short - For standard84gstyle covers.Part Number: ENG7183 Long - For metro86gsloped top alloy covers.Part Number: ENG3345 Engraved with122gRetroSport logoPart Number: ENG3344 Plain (no engraving) 122gOrder online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 11 12'