b'TIMING COVER TIMING COVEROur timing cover kits replace both the standardTiming Cover Kit - Front Breather 1345gsteel cover and the steel engine front plate, andPart Number: ENG3338our O-ring sealing system effectively removes all the oil leak problems suffered by the standard arrangement.They are compatible with simplex and duplex chains and can be used with or without the A+ style tensioner. As far as we are aware all vernier chain kits fit.The package includes all required fixings, gaskets, lock tabs, seals and hex keys.Choose from 3 options: A complete kit as ENG3337, but without the removable plate on the front cover.Timing Cover Kit - Front Access Plate &Our breather design is cleanable by unscrewing Breather 1395g the top and washing out the mesh inside. The Part Number: ENG3337 overall package is slimmer than the standard Mini flattened design so gives more clearance to the fan.Timing Cover Kit - No Breather 1160gPart Number: ENG3339This version has a removable plate on the top half of the cover, to allow access to a vernier sprocket without having to remove the crank pulleya huge advantage when tuning the engine on aDesigned for use with small bore engines that dyno. The plate has an O-ring seal to ensure nodont require the front mounted breather, or leaks and carries the cleanable breather canister. engines that do not breathe heavily.Spare Timing Cover O-RingsPart Number: ENG3300 Main O-ringPart Number: ENG3347H Kit for access cover versionPart Number: ENG3348H Kit for breather versionIf you already have a RetroSport timing cover without this feature, and want to upgrade, then part number ENG3340 will provide everything you Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 13 need. 14'