b'TIMING COVER ENGINECoil Bracket 100gPart Number: ELE3066Fits directly to extended cylinder head stud - suitable for 52mm to 58mm diameter coils.Rear Wheel Drive Timing CoversWe can also supply all our Timing Cover Kits with a backplate to suit rear wheel drive cars such as MG Midgets and Morris Minors.Part Number: ENG7185 RWD Timing Cover Kit 1561gFront Access Plate and Breather Distributor Hole Blanking PlugsPart Number: ENG7186 RWD Timing Cover Kit 1511gBreather Part Number: ENG3283 A+ 20gPart Number: ENG7187 RWD Timing Cover Kit 1326g For the A+ version we supply an aluminium screw No Breather with the blanking plug, for maximum weight saving.For details, please see previous page.Part Number: ENG3285 pre-A+ 26gTrigger BracketsOur timing cover base includes tapped holes for attaching a bracket for a trigger wheel sensor. If you have a MED S-type pulley (with the teeth pointing towards the timing cover) you will needPressure Relief Valve Cap 12gour part number ENG3305.Part Number: ENG3305 Trigger Bracket Kit 34g Part Number: ENG7179If you have a Specialist Components trigger wheel (which fits outboard of the pulley) you will needDipstick Retaining Spring Kit20gENG3341 as well as ENG3305. Part Number: ENG3282Part Number: ENG3341 Trigger Bracket Kit 32g Do you suffer with oil coming out of your dipstick hole? This is the solution. It clamps to the standard metal oil filter pipe (not suitable if you have a braided oil hose).Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 15 16'