b'OIL FILTER OIL FILTEROil Filter Head Oil Temperature ReadoutWe manufacture a range of kits based around anIf you need an oil temperature readout we also improved billet alloy filter head. This has a big- offer a version that has a facility for fitting a ger and stiffer flange where it seats on the blocktemperature sensor. This is achieved by having a and uses the earlier style gasket to give a more UNF tapped hole in the top, and a range of reliable seal. The filter is moved slightly closer toadaptors (purchased separately) are available to the block to give more clearance at the front. Wesuit most sensors. These adaptors are carefully have also removed the internal relief valve as itdesigned to ensure the sensor reads the oil tem-has no value in a well-maintained engine. perature without restricting the flow. It is available either as a kit complete with aSee next page for adaptors-6 stainless steel braided hose and the correct fittings, or as a filter head only (useful if you arePlease be aware that some alternators extend running an oil cooler). All versions come completeover the filter housing and will restrict the space with bolts and gasket available for the sensor.If you already have a RetroSport filter head, and now want to fit a temperature sensor, you can return the head for modification. Our part number for this modification in ENG3323.The filter head has aNPT thread (the same as standard heads before 1992) and uses the stand-ard spin-on oil filter.Please note the standard steel pipe will no longer fitthis filter head needs the braided hose (or to be used with an oil cooler).If fitting to an in-line engine (e.g. MG Midget or Morris Minor) the edge of the sump flange may foul the filter and need knocking back.The fitting of the oil pipe into the cylinder block changed over the years. Early engines used a banjo bolt and copper washers to seal into a 5/8 UNF thread in the block. 12A engines from about 1992 had an olive fitting with an 11/16 UNF thread in the block.Plain Tapped for sensorKit with braided hose & 5/8 UNFPart Number: ENG3291 396g Part Number: ENG3321 392gadaptor for earlier engine block.Kit with braided hose & 11/16 UNFPart Number: ENG3292 396g Part Number: ENG3322 392gadaptor for later 12A engine block.Head only Part Number: ENG3294 228g Part Number: ENG3324 224gOrder online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 17 18'