b'OIL FILTER OIL FILTERTemperature Sensor Adaptor Braided Oil Transfer Pipe Kit (hose & adaptors)All these adaptors will need a little hydraulic seal-ant to seal and lock them in place. If you just want to replace the standard steel pipe we can supply these hose kits.The diagrams give an indication of the range ofPart Number: ENG3295H to 92 172gsensor styles available. Please take care withDash 6 braided hose with 5/8 UNF adaptor for the selectionas well as needing the correctblock (replacing banjo bolt) and 1/4 NPT adaptor thread the length of the sensor is importanttoofor RetroSport or early filter head.long and it may protrude into the oil gallery and restrict the flow. Also check the thread specifica- Part Number: ENG3296H 92 to 96 172gtion carefullyit is common to confuse 1/827Dash 6 braided hose with 11/16 UNF adaptor for NPT with M10 x 1. We have yet to find an M10 xblock (replacing olive fitting) and 1/4 NPT adap-1 sensor despite some vendors believing that istor for RetroSport or early filter head.what they are supplying.Part Number: ENG3297H 92 to 96 172gNote that these adaptors can also be used toDash 6 braided hose with 11/16 UNF adaptors house water temperature sensors if an appropri- for both ends (replacing standard metal pipe and ateUNF tapped hole is provided in the waterolive fittings on 12A engines).system.PartBlank Plug 10gPart Number: ENG3333 Typical Sensor1/8 - 28 BSP 8gPart Number: ENG33261/8 - 27 NPT 14gPart Number: ENG3325M12 x 1.5 12g AdaptorPart Number: ENG3328Oil transfer pipe adaptors.Part Number: ENG3288 1/4 NPT TO -68gTo suit pre 92 stand-5/8 - 18 UNF 12g ard filter heads, also to suit the RetroSport Part Number: ENG3327 billet alloy filter head.Part Number: ENG3289 5/8 UNF TO -614gTo suit pre 92 block.5/8 - 18 UNF Long 24g Part Number: ENG3290 11/16 UNF TO -614gPart Number: ENG3331 To suit 92 on 12A block & filter head3/8 - 19 BSP 16gPart Number: ENG3330suits RaceTech mechanical1/4 NPT TO -65/8 UNF TO -611/16 UNF TO -6 gauge fitting.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 19 20'