b'ENGINE STEADY ENGINE STEADYEngine Steady Bar Bracket 80gPart Number: ENG3273Replaces standard pressed steel version.This bracket will work with any steady bar that uses standard bushes at the engine end including our ENG3267 and ENG3268.Engine Steady BarFixedIn 1990, when the 1275 engine was reintroducedEngine Steady Kits for the thermostat end of the Plate Under RHD Master Cylinders in the Cooper, the engine was moved forward byengine.about 10mm to give more clearance for the HIF Part Number: BRK3273 Pre 198882g carburettor. This was done by moving the mount- For those who wish to stabilise their engine at For cars without theing holes in the subframe and changing the lengththe thermostat end, this is the most elegant and horizontal servo/masterof the steady bars. Please be aware of this whenefficient solution available. By attaching to the cylinder. selecting our steady bars. If there is any chancethermostat housing the loads are transmitted to Part Number: BRK3274 1988 on 78g that the front subframe has been changed you willthe highest point, so minimising the forces. The For cars with theneed to know which one has been fitted. other end attaches to the strongest point on theSteady Bar Thermostat Kit - horizontal servo/masterPart Number: ENG3267 Short 122g bulkhead - the crossmember. Small Bore Engines (848,998,1098cc) 584gcylinder. This bar is suitable for all manual transmissionPart Number: ENG3279pre-1990 cars and all manual 998cc cars. Engine heights, engine positions and thermostat Engine Steady Bar - Adjustable 198g Part Number: ENG3268 Long 128g orientations vary depending on the engine sizeSteady Bar Thermostat Kit - Mpi 688gThis bar is suitable for all 1275cc cars after 1990and age, so different options are available.Part Number: ENG3269 and all automatics. Part Number: ENG3313Our unique design mounts on the engine blockPlease notenone of these are suitable for twin-using the original fixing holes replacing both thecarb installations without modificationplease steady bar and bracket. Steady Bar Bush KitPolyurethane enquire.The bulkhead end mounts in the standard way.Top Steady Part Number: ENG3275 They are also only suitable for right hand drive You can use standard rubber orGearbox Poly Bushes Part Number: GBX3269 cars.polyurethene bushes. Bushes and stainless steel sleeves for both ends of bar Steady Bar Thermostat KitBig BoreShort 592gPart Number: ENG3280For use on pre 1990 1275cc cars with or without a spacer under the thermostat housing.Aluminium Steady Bar Bush Sleeve 12gPart Number: ENG3314 Packer Kit - allows ENG3281 to be fitted to Spi cars 140gPart Number: ENG3299For those who wish to save every last gram, this isUsed at bulkhead to pack bracket upwards to a direct replacement for the standard steel itemclear pipes.used in the top steady bar.Bottom Engine Steady Bar from Gearbox to Front Subframe Steady Bar Thermostat KitPart Number: GBX3267 Long- all cars except138g Big BoreLong 596g90 on 1275 Part Number: ENG3281Part Number: GBX3268 Short- for 90 on134g For use on 1990 onwards 1275cc cars with a 1275Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 21 spacer under the thermostat housing (not Mpi). 22'