b'ALTERNATOR WATER PUMP PULLEYAlternator Bracket 108g Water Pump PulleyPart Number: ENG3306 Direct replacements for the standard steel A stylish replacement for the steel bracketversions. Ours have a thicker front face so if you on A+ engines. were using the 4mm spacer between the pulley and the fan you will no longer need to use this.Part Number: WET3081 Small 214gOutside Diameter 98mmAlternator Tensioning Bar 42gPart Number: ELE3076 Part Number: WET3082 Large 248gOutside Diameter 119mmAn adjuster bar for the standard alternator when used with a RetroSport timing coverPart Number: WET3083 Poly Vee 236g(as used on the Mpi)Fan BeltSmall 40 Amp Alternator 2535g Small Alternator Fitting Kit 204g Part Number: WET7001 813mm LongPart Number: ELE7043 Part Number: ELE3074 Suitable for small alternator kit when small water pump pulley is fitted.A popular modification for Minis is to fit aPart Number: WET7002 825mm Longsmall 40 amp alternator (SA073) Suitable for small alternator kit when large water This kit makes the fitment easy. pump pulley is fitted. Fan Spacer - 11mm 20gThe kit includes a bespoke pulley to keep thePart Number: WET3072belt alignment correct, an adjuster bar and allNeeded for 1275 engines where a crankcase the associated fixings required. We also include abreather is fitted to the timing chain cover.separate bar to support the water pump boss and reduce the risk of it breaking off.The kit does not include an alternator or belt which must be purchased separately. If you are not using the RetroSport Timing Cover you will need to drill out the hole in the adjuster bar to suit the 3/8 stud on the standard back plate.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 23 24'