b'ENGINE CLUTCHTurbo Oil Drain for Fuel Pump Hole 56g Transfer Case BreatherPart Number: ENG3311 Part Number: ENG3309 1/2 58gPart Number: ENG3310 5/8 58gPart Number: ENG3317 1 60gBlanking Plate for Fuel Pump Hole 24g1/2 5/8 1Part Number: ENG71781 is for those who need maximum breathing from the transfer case. Please note 1 is only available in silver.Verto Slave Cylinder Bracket 196gPart Number: CLH3057Why have the standard steel item when you can Breather for Fuel Pump Hole have a piece of aluminium sculpture?Part Number: ENG3307 1/2 66gPart Number: ENG3308 5/8 70gTransfer Case Timing Mark Cover 26gPart Number: ENG3329Minis built up until approx. 1985 had a little steel cover on the transfer casing. This is our bil-let aluminium version to brighten up your engine bay.Clutch Housing Bolt Kit 116gSpeedo Cable Blanking Plug 16gPart Number: ENG3312Part Number: GBX3270 Stainless steel cap head screws and Blanks hole in gearbox when speedo cable isRetroSport alloy cup washers.not used.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 25 Come in a set of 8. 26'