b'COOLING & HEATING COOLING & HEATINGThermostat Housing (not Mpi) 200g DIY Thermostat Housing 206-216g Thermostat Housing Spacer Part Number: WET3074Part Number: WET3090 With hose outlet and tapped hole for radiator Equivalent to Rover part number: 12G103 This housing is offered for those who need thebracket, no sensor hole.outlet pointing in a non-standard direction. ThePart Number: WET3067 156gstubs need to be welded to the body and an ap- Equivalent to Rover part number: PEG10002propriate hole bored in the body. Supplied with 1 and 1.25 diameter hose stubs and a small stub if you require an expansion tank feed.Also available with an M10 x 1 tapped hole in the front as part number WET3095 (198g). Equivalent to PEQ10010.Thermostat Housing (Mpi) 288g Part Number: WET3079 For Mpi 152gEquivalent to Rover part number: PEG100030Part Number: WET3078 Water Pump Removal Plate 228gPart Number: WET3084Use this plate in combination with one of the stubs when you are using an electric water pump.Equivalent to Rover part: PEQ100650 (no longer available) Requires one of our stubs to connect to a hose.Temperature Sensor ModificationThermostat Housing (Metro Style) If you need an additional water temperature Part Number: WET3088 196g sensor, we can modify our thermostat housings or This housing is the same geometry as the MetroWater Pump Removal Plate Stubs spacers to add a 3/4 UNF tapped hole in front. part. Also used on early 90s carburettor Coopers. Then you need to choose an adaptor from the There is a choice of three stubs to fit to our pumprange shown on page 19. The part number for this removal plate. modification is WET3096.Part Number: WET3085 Straight 1 50gPart Number: WET3086 Straight 1.25 (32mm) 58gPart Number: WET3089 With Stub 210gThis version has an additional stub, for when you have an expansion tank.Part Number: WET3087 90 Degree 1 196gGives same hose position as standard water pump.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 27 28'