b'AIR FILTER WIPER MOTOR AND RADIATORAirbox Inlet Stub - For HS4/HIF carb airbox 30g Air Filter Bolts & polishedPart Number: PET3201 For Single HS4 airbox:A neat way of finishing the air inlet when the & polished Part Number: PET3203 20g Wiper Motor Cover Plate 54gflap valve is removed. The standard items are no longer availableWiper Motor Mounting Bracket 130gPart Number: WPW3038May need a little glue to retain it. from Rover, so these will make a nicePart Number: WPW3037 Billet alloy replacement for the steel cover on upgrade if you loose the original ones. Replacement bracket incorporating novelthe later wiper motors. Fits all round bodied mo-anti-vibration mounts under the fixing screws. Fitstors. Direct replacement.Or you might just like to tidy up your engine bayto standard mounting point.a little!To suit round body wiper motors.For Twin Carb Airbox:Part Number: PET3206 Short 18mm 16gPart Number: PET3208 Long 27mm 18gA pair of alloy billet bolts designed for use on the SU twin air filter box, used on Cooper and Cooper S models.We are aware that there are two lengths of theseRadiator Top Fixing Kit 20gused throughout the models so we offer both long and short: Part Number: WET3097Only suitable for cars with the single piece radiator cowl (not the early 2-piece cowl)Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 31 32'