b'FRONT SUBFRAME FRONT SUBFRAMEIn 1976, the front subframe mounting designGoPro Camera Mount60gwas changed. Where earlier cars had it boltedPart Number: MSC3072directly to the body, cars after this date had rubberMade to be used with GoPros Hero camera mounts introduced in an attempt to reduce noiseSolid Mount Kit - this mount attaches to an existing RetroSport transmission. The down side of this was that theFront Top Shock Mounts 682g Front Subframe towing eye.handling suffered. The rubber mounts tend not toFront Panelsurvive too well either! Part Number: SST3200Direct replacement for the standardProvided with the mount are a series of bushes, to We supply solid mounts for each mounting pointsteel top shock absorber mounts. prevent the vibration of the camera.to return the Mini to its legendary taut handlingSold as a pair. Towing Eye 112gcharacteristics.Part Number: SUB3030Subframe Tower Bolt -Not suitable for Clubman without a little Specialist Components 324g bodywork tweaking.Part Number: SUB3029For 1976 onwards.Sold Individually.Sold as Pair Includes longer screw for use with thicker polyu-rethane subframe mounts.Solid Mount Kit - Front Subframe, Tower 200gPart Number: SUB3045Sold as a set of 4 washers.Solid Mount Kit - Front Subframe, Floor 390gPart Number: SUB3039Sold as a pair. Solid Mount Kit - Front Subframe, Front Panel 96gPart Number: SUB3038Why copy the original shape when there is no benefit? Standard mountings have a large round circular section to give a bigger rubber bonding surface. Ours have no rubber so can be much slim-mer and lighter.It is recommended to fit these in combination with the top and rear mounts.Sold as a pair.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 33 34'