b'REAR SUBFRAME REAR SUBFRAMEInjection Fuel Filter Bracket 88gPart Number: PET3204This bracket is designed as a directRear Subframe Mounting Trunnions replacement for the standard steel item Part Number: SUB3033 To 1976 352g mounted on the rear subframe. Suitable for Spi and Mpi Minis. Rear Subframe Mounting Part Number: SUB3032 1976 onwards (for 378g Trunnionslarger front bush)Significantly lighter than original trunnions and substantially cheaper too! Set of 4.Rear Hub Grease Cap 32g Pair of Handbrake Quadrants - Greasable 100gPart Number: SST3203Part Number: BRK3277 Direct replacement for the standard steel cap that is so easily damaged. This is designed with a larger lip to allow for easier removal. Installation is best done with a small soft faced mallet.Please note: If you need caps to suit Specialist Components alloy hubs, you will need SST3204 (34g).Our RetroSport billet alloy handbrake quadrants can be greased with a standard greaseSold Individually.gun. This helps reduce the risk of seizing which is common on the standard item. Rear Alloy Backplates 1008g Pair of Handbrake Quadrants 58g Rosepetal wheel centre cap 108g Part Number: BRK3281Alloy Rear Hub Assembly -Rear brake backplates machined from solid Part Number: BRK3268 Part Number: WHL3162 Specialist Components 1700gbillet alloy to replace the standard steel items.Designed to use the 3/4 bore rear wheel cylin-Part Number: SST3188 ders.Sold as a pair with bearings and long studs for spacer drum. Included in the design is an alternative brake adjuster which is replaceable, unlike the original Also available as Bare Hubs, supplied as pair,item, to help prevent seizing.part number SST3194.Lightweight replacements for the standardSet of 4 Billet alloy centre caps for Rosepetal 10 Sold as pair including adjusters.quadrants. alloy wheels.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 35 36'