b'BONNET HINGES SEATSExtended Seat Brackets 194gPart Number: STS3077A pair of seat brackets to replace the& polishedBonnet Hinges standard ones and give a seating position Mk1/2 164g approximately 65mm further back (this is about as far back as you can go with standard seats before Part Number: BNT3042 hitting the rear companion box)Supplied as a pair for 1 seat, and complete with all fixings and allen keys. (Note - some replace-ment crossmembers have metric fixings so we supply both imperial and metricscrews to suit)Bonnet HingesMK3 1970 to 1981 (not Clubman) 140gPart Number: BNT3040If your car has bulkhead hinge brackets with 1 hole, these are the hinges you will require.If the brackets have three holes, you should use the later hinges BNT3039 below.Seat Brackets 130gBonnet Hinges Part Number: STS3076MK4 1982 onwards (not Clubman) 150g & polishedPart Number: BNT3039If your car has bulkhead hinge brackets with 3 holes, these are the hinges you will re-quire.Seat Recliner HandlesThey use the top hole nearest the bulkhead.Direct replacement for the standard itemIf the brackets have only one hole, you should useon pre-96 cars. Compliments our door handle & polishedthe earlier hinges BNT3040 above. sets. If you like the style but dont need to move the seat rearwards, we offer a version that retains the standard position.Bonnet HingesClubman 140g Seat Pulls 28gPart Number: BNT3041 Part Number: STS3071& polishedPart Number: STS3073 Holes 96gPart Number: STS3074 No Holes 102gBonnet Rear Lift Kit 140g Part Number: STS3075 Grooved 102gPart Number: BNT3044 To see holes, no holes and grooved styles, pleaseThese are a direct replacement for the Fits to RetroSport bonnet hinges to raise therefer to next page. standard seat pulls with a 5/16 UNF thread.rear of the bonnet. These will also work with standard hinges All seat recliner handle escutcheons are black. Please note, it is possible that late cars went to a metric thread although we havent confirmed this.Order online at www.dsnclassics.co.uk 3 Not suitable for Mk1/2. 4'