6mm Ruby Probe - ⅜" UNF

£156.00 (£130.00+VAT)

S-FIX 6mm Ruby Probe - ⅜" UNF Thread for Faro Serial Arms


The S-FIX Probes use industry standard Ruby Monocrystal Balls, conforming to ADBNA grade 3-5.

Ruby has superior thermal expansion and hardness properties than the standardly used zirconia spheres. To ensure maximum stability we provide peg-mounted and drilled probe balls as standard. Conventional probes generally have the probe ball glued to a collar, thus increasing the likelihood of failures and the ball breaking away. 

The Styli is mounted on a Tungsten Carbide peg which is roughly 10 times harder than Titanium, this ensures minimal deflection. The Stem is bonded into our own design of probe body which is CNC machined in-house out of 303 Stainless steel.
The body is designed to have a smaller footprint over the OEM supplied probe while keeping complete rigidity. 

Weight: 28 grams

Suitable for ½" spanners


Compatible with Faro portable CMM arms with a " UNF thread. These Include:

Faro Sterling - Pre February 1998

Faro Silver - Pre February 1998

Faro Gold - Pre February 1998

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