Background Data

3D Scanning for Background Data Service


Using 3D scanning technology, you can make a digital model of an area to use as a reference for fitting other components into it.

Using our innovative 3D scanning technology, we can scan virtually any item and store its shape data. This can be imported into a CAD package and used as background information to help with modelling or positioning another item. Multiple scans can be taken for different manoeuvrable objects, or CAD models can be imported alongside the scans.

For example, suppose you wanted to fit a new engine to a car. You could scan both the engine bay and the new engine, and then determine the optimum position for the engine in the CAD environment, rather than through physical manipulation.


If alterations were required, you could try them out in the CAD model and see the results instantly on screen, rather than making them to the actual components. Mounts could be designed, manufactured and installed before the engine comes anywhere near the car.

The process is quick, accurate and far superior to achieving the right fit through trial and error.

How it Works


  • We use our cutting-edge scanning system to capture detailed shape data on the parts you want to fit together. You can bring your item(s) to our workshop, or we can travel to you. The scanning process is completely contactless.
  • Almost anything can be scanned. Scanned items can be almost any size, although some reflective or absorbent materials may require extra preparation work. Our scanner also needs to be able to ‘see’ every surface of the object. We are happy to advise you on what is possible.
  • We can process the scan data, import it into a CAD package and put the two items together to inspect their fit.
  • You use the information gained to make alterations and achieve the perfect fit.