Car Bodyshape Backup

3D Scanning for Car Bodyshape Backup Service


You love your classic car, and care for it as well as you can. But accidents still happen, perhaps through no fault of your own. If your bodywork were seriously damaged, could you recreate the original shape?

Using 3D scanning, we can capture shape data on the entire bodyshell of your rare or classic car, giving you a digital ‘backup’ so that any part of the bodywork can be accurately recreated in case of damage.


The cost of a scan is negligible compared to the value of a rare, perhaps irreplaceable car. It’s a small price to pay for the reassurance of knowing that your car’s unique shape has been safely recorded and preserved.

Once your scan is complete, you can drive your car to rallies and events in the confidence that, if the worst does happen, your bodywork can be recreated.


How it Works

  • We use our state-of-the-art scanning systems to capture detailed shape data for your car’s bodyshape. You can bring your car to our workshop, or we can travel to you. The scanning process is completely contactless.
  • If you wish, we can also scan other components such as the chassis or suspension.
  • We can store your bodyshape data securely on your behalf, and/or give you a CD-ROM or USB drive with the data on it. Since this data is your ‘backup’ of your bodyshape, it needs to be kept safe.


  • If your bodywork gets damaged, your data can be processed and used, for example, to create a laser-cut buck that recreates the original bodyshape with 100% accuracy.
  • We can work with your chosen workshop to help them achieve the perfect result using our data.