Breakdown fixes

We have received the following from Iain McKenzie, a member of the Barnsley Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

Bodge of the Year!
Picture the scene: Dark rainy night and a squealing sound comes from under bonnet, sounds like a loose fan belt. Not wanting switch off as it probably wouldn't restart I stopped and opened the bonnet. The bottom nut for the dynamo had droppped off and the belt was flapping around loose. As the battery was probably pretty much drained I didn't want to risk switching off nor did I want to place hands anywhere near the whirling round bits.
Solution: a nearby drystone wall was raided of a small wedge shaped stone which when pushed between dynamo and block tensioned the fanbelt enough to drive home.
The sad thing is that it works so well its still on two weeks later!

Thanks Iain.

Essential Spares and Tools.

Always carry a wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers in the car. It is amazing how many things can be fixed using these!