Selector rod seal upgrade

rod seal upgrade

On rod change gearboxes, the selector seal is prone to short life. This is because the gearbox casing does not support the rod particularly well, allowing it to move radially. There is a low cost ugrade available to solve the problem, DSN Classics part number GBX3199.

When replacing the rod seal, remove all the existing seals (there are sometimes more than one pressed in over each other).

Lightly oil the support bush/O-ring and insert it into the bore.

Lighty oil the replacement seal (GBX3005) and evenly press it into the bore.

As an added protection, a bellows is available (standard on some cars) to reduce the amount of dirt getting on the selector rod. (DSN Classics part number GBX3012)

Additional information:

We also offer a punch suitable for removal/replacement of the roll pin which attaches the gearchange rod to the selector rod. DSN Classics part number TLS3006.