Unleaded compatibility

The very last 998 Mini's, from late 1989, have valve seat inserts fitted and are capable of running on unleaded fuel. To help you check whether your 998 engine will run on unleaded without modification, here are the engine number prefixes to look for:

  • 99H/D81
  • 99H/E20
  • 99H/E21
  • 99H/E22
  • 99H/F15
  • 99H/F15
  • 99H/F32
  • 99H/G30
  • 99H/G31
  • 99H/G32
  • 99H/G33
  • 99H/G34
  • 99H/G39

From the introduction of the 1275 Rover Cooper, all of the large engine Mini's are suitable for unleaded fuel. Indeed, many are fitted with a catalytic converter, so they have to use unleaded.