Eyebolt bush fitment

Here’s the quick way to do it! (20 minutes per side)

  1. Remove the nut/bolt through the rear of the tie rod.
  2. Tap the tie rod outwards to free it from the clevis.
  3. Remove all nuts/bolts holding the front part of the lower arm on.
  4. Leave the rear nut on the lower trunnion.
  5. Remove the front part of the lower arm.
  6. Support the rear part of the lower arm on a stable jack.
  7. Remove the lower trunnion rear nut and free the trunnion from the arm.
  8. Carefully lower and remove the jack.
  9. Mark the lower arm and torsion bar to allow reassembly in the correct position.
  10. Using a copper faced hammer, drive the arm rearwards along the torsion bar.
  11. When the torsion bar is free, the eyebolt pin can be removed.
  12. Replace the bushes and reverse the proceedure for reassembly.