Front wheel bearing play


If, even after fitting new bearings, you still find that there is excesive play, the reasons are usually one of two.

1. The bearings that you have fitted are not of the correctly toleranced angular contact type that all but the earliest Minors used. This means that they are really only designed for use where there is little, or no, axial loading. The correct angular contact bearings allow for the axial loads involved and will not leave excessive axial motion when installed. The only answer to this is to install the correct type bearings. See DSN Classics part number SST0032.

2. The hub itself is worn on the thrust faces. These are marked 'A' &'B' on the diagram above. This seems to occur when the bearing outer races 'shuffle' round, gradually wearing the faces of the hub. This could be as a result of worn bearings being left in too long before replacement. If this is your problem, then the only answer is to replace the hub with one in a better condition.

DO NOT attempt to remove material from the centre spacer to compensate for the wear. This is likely to overload the bearings, which could lead to catastrophic failure.