Halogen headlamps

If you use you Minor at night regularly, you will appreciate that the lighting is not all it could be! Modern Halogen conversions are available (ELC7033 for RHD, ELC7048 for LHD) and will transform night visibility. However, if your Minor is older than about 1966, you will need more than just the lamp kit. Pre 1966 headlamps were of the pre-focus bulb type and used a 'bayonet' type connector. The later sealed beam unit used a Lucar 3 way plug. This is also used by the Halogen kit. So, if you are converting a car with pre-focus bulbs, you will need the later type of headlamp looms. Use DSN Classics part number ELC7050 (2 required per car).

It is increasingly difficult to obtain sealed beam headlights, so the halogen conversion is about the only way to go.